Before we begin



Pleasure is an essential part of our survival instinct and our reproductive system, the strongest driving forces for all animals. Pleasure releases several hormones and neuropeptides that are important, not only for your well-being - but for your overall health and longevity.

The ability to be consciously aware of experiences such as pleasure is unique to us human. With our ability to contemplate upon pleasure as a phenomenon and the transience of life, we can choose to maximize the experience of pleasure in life. This does not mean that animals lack the ability to seek pleasure, but in animals, it is an instinctive behavior and not a conscious choise.

You can evaluate the outcome of two options and choose the one option that may not be directly linked to pleasure, but it brings the promise of a pleasurable feeling later on. Many times we are driven by the thought that the future holds more pleasure than the present moment does. 

Pleasure is not a feeling per se. Pleasure can come together with a wide range of emotions. It is possible to find pleasure in feelings such as sadness, anger, and even in pain.

Modern science as well as classical philosophy, agree that pleasure is one of the two foundations of happiness. In addition to the feeling of living a satisfying life, the experience of pleasure is the primary reason for happiness.

Stress, mental illness, and emotional distress cause anhedonia - or in other words, lack of pleasure. Under stress, in states of anxiety or with physical and mental tensions, we cannot experience pleasure. Lack of pleasure is one of the most important symptoms of many mental illnesses, including depression.

How can I increase the pleasure

in my life?

There are two ways to pleasure:

Wanting and liking.


Our will drives the release of dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is a very important neuropeptide that gives you motivation to repeat a certain behavior. Dopamine is involved in the process of eating, sleeping, and having sex, but also in performance.

Dopamine release is an intense sense of pleasure, and the feeling of dopamine is very addictive. It causes your body to increase muscle tone, and it fills you with the right amount of energy to do what you want. The process of dopamine release is driven by positive thoughts, positive visualization, and positive emotions, and the system of "WANTING" plays an important role in long-term relationships.

In longer relationships, we project our will on our partner, and our partner becomes an anchor for dopamine release, which leads to pleasure.


You may want something that you do not like, for example go to a job that you do not like, cause you imagine all the pleasurable things you will do when you receive your salary. The pleasurable idea of ​​what you will be able to do with the money is enough to release dopamine and motivate you to go to work. 

Many times, the pleasure of wanting is a learned behavior, and it is a program in your nervous system and your brain that causes you to act automatically in response to specific anchors or triggers.


The pleasure of liking is the result of a release of opiates into the body. Pleasure from liking is a direct experience here and now. Like the actual touch in sexual activity, the feeling of being satisfied after eating, or the direct experience of pleasurable touch, soothing sounds and other sensual stimuli. The release of opiates in the process of liking provides a spacious contentment and a pleasant calm.

The pleasure in "liking" plays an important role in our social relations. When you have no contact with the pleasure of liking, you tend to withdraw from social interactions.

This being said, we can use our experience of pleasure as a tool to measure how aligned we are in our lifes. If you experience increasing pleasure, it indicates that you are living a life were you in touch with your wanting, and you are pursuing your dreams, and in addition, you are harvesting the benefits and the pleasure of your achievements. 

And be aware that over-focusing on the pleasure “WILL” can lead to addiction, stress, and burnout. It is of great importance to be able to slow down and receive the pleasure of liking - the actual physical feeling that results from relaxation.

The highest pleasure comes when you combine will and liking.

Offer your self a gift of love

Welcome to the course! - You have three weeks in front of you with a powerful expansion towards more pleasure in every day life.

Be a part of a community

Thousands of women are doing this course. Their sharing will be a beautiful inspiration for you on your journey. And your sharings will support the other women in this course, to go deeper.

Growth through self reflection

It is the right questions that gives you the right answers - and you have the answer to all your questions within you. Sometimes you just need to ask new questions to grow emotionally and spiritually. In this course you will be guided in to your self with simple and powerful questions.

This is your course plan:

  • Before you begin ... get guidance on creating a ritual with me. This ritual anchors a transformative state that truly supports reprogramming of your body and soul for more freedom and joy. You will use this ritual to show your own dreams and you will lead to crystallize your intention for a simple transformation.

  • To establish new patterns, discipline and continuity is crucial. Here you will receive a 15 min yoga class to do daily. Its easy to add 15 - 20 minutes of daily practice and you can do the other exercises after the yoga or any time during the day - or take a couple of exercises at the time.

  • Every Saturday, it is sharing time - it is a time for you to set aside a moment for self-reflection and to share your insights, your difficulties and your successes with your fellow students. In this way you will support others in their process and get the support of others yourself. On the sharing page there is the opportunity to publish a picture of yourself, I recommend you to do so - you will see a big change in your facial features after doing this course.

  • I suggest that you journal diring this time. Its a great way to follow your progress in the sexual awakening that lies ahead of you.

For this course you need:

  • About 20 - 45 min daily or 60 - 90 min every second day
  • A book for journalling
  • Headphones or speakers
  • A wand for yoni massage

Good Luck!