Pleasure is an important part of life and now you have the opportunity to learn to feel more pleasure in life. This course offers you practical exercises that activate the nerves in the body so that you can enjoy your senses more. Here you find theory that will open your eyes for new knowledge and mental exercises that teaches you to reprogram your brain and your thinking patterns to consciously create the life you desire. This course is for you to learn to experience pleasure in the little things and to find power and direction by following the pleasure in life.

Hi, I am Lin Lovely!

I am your guide through this course. I made this journey myself many years ago, and I am still surprised today how much pleasure is possible and how it affects everything I do.

I work all over the world as a tantra teacher and sex coach with men, women, couples and large groups. With a background as a yoga teacher, yoga therapist, masseuse, meditation teacher and NLP practitioner, I guide you into an exciting world of science and spirituality, deeply rooted in your body.

My driving force is a longing for a world of love and peace, and I know it begins within ourselves. I also believe in the prophecy that the leaders of the new age are women, and when you find your feminine essence and your capacity for pleasure, you are one of the pioneers of a new age. We will live in peace and happiness, with loving relationships, and we will give birth to children without pain. Welcome to a life-changing course.




The course gives you room to ground yourself and to embrace who you are to the fullest. True self-love is about accepting your personality, your longing and your vulnerability.

To have the courage to say "yes" to experiences you really want is important to creating pleasure in your life. It is equally important to say "no" to the experiences that are undesirable for you.


External beauty is a reflection of how you feel inside. By attending to your body's needs and making sure you have time to move, rest and enjoy your sexuality, you get an attractive shimmer of beauty all around you.

Pleasure in life makes you beautiful, inside and out.


It is actually possible to train the body so that you enjoy physical touch, sensuality and sex more. It is all about getting to know yourself and openly exploring your thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations.

This course gives you a new experience of your body, increased libido and more satisfaction. Are you ready for a sexual awakening?