Its an art to love, unconditionally and free.

Its an art to be loved, and it takes a lot of courage to allow someone to really, and unconditionally love you into the core of your being. I think that we all deep inside know that we are lovable the way we are. But most of us have had experiences that made us insecure some how and that is the reason why we are looking for love and approval outside of our selfs.

In tantra we want to be filled up from within with love, passion, presence and arousal - before we meet our partner. We don't want to demand for our partner to turn us one or to give us pleasure. We are already so full of pleasure that we overflow to each other. Living in this way makes you attractive and admired and it creates stable and fruitful relationships to everyone in your life - especially to your loved ones. The Art of Love offers workshops, lectures and training to the future leaders of this world. To men, women and couples to master true self-love, presence, and sexual power.

Here you find several online programs in English and Swedish that will give you access to more pleasure and power.

Courses that you can do alone or together with a partner.

Lin Lovely tantra therapist

My name is Lin Lovely and I am a tantra teacher, couples counsellor & sex coach.

I am here to guide you through a powerful program with interesting scientific theories that will increase your understanding of your self and your patterns. I will share practices from tantra, hypnoses, yoga, NLP and meditation to allow you to reprogram your relationship to pleasure, love and sexuality.

Many thousands of students worldwide have seen effects, not only in their love life, but one all other areas in life from the powerful and integrated practices that I offer you here in an online format.


"This course was a perfect mix of theory and practise. I had deep insights and broke through a lot of shame around pleasure. Today I can really love my self and of course that shows in all my relationships."

- Jenny B



in swedish and english